Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Transfer TiVo HD XL/XL4 TiVo Files to PC with Best Solutions

The following article offers you the best solution on how to transfer TiVo files on PC which recorded by TiVo HD XL or TiVo Premiere XL4.

First of all, can you guys solve the question lists here:’ I have a TiVo HD XL in one room and a TiVo Premiere XL4 in another. They both have the same Media Access Keys and they can transfer from one to the other. - How to download the tivo to PC? I used TiVo Plug-in to download HD movies from my TiVos but it can’t work all the time.’ It’s okay that you guys can’t offer the best solutions, it is indeed a good question.

Due to the speciality of TiVo files which recorded by TiVo HD XL and TiVo Premiere XL4, it is common that we can’t directly transfer them on PC or stream them on TV. Today , let’s together learn some solutions on this topic.

Preparation:Transfer Tivo recordings to Mac with TivoDecode Manager
It is a free program to download Tivo recordings to your computer and decoding them into MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 files. Click “Add Show to Queue.” And then click “Download Location” to set the folder where you want to save the Tivo video files.

Two main methods of transferring TiVo files to PC for watching smoothly.
Method 1.TiVo Plug-ins called TiVo Desktop
Launch the TiVo Desktop and open the TiVo recordings on your PC, copy the home videos you wish to transfer to your TiVo into the ‘My TiVo recordings folder’. This will now display in your TiVo Desktop’s Now playing List. Then navigate to TiVo Center for ‘Now Playing List’. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and select your “Now Playing on [YOUR PC]” Finally you can follow the screen and begin the transfer.

Notes for TiVo Plug-in’s shortcomings:
Your network speed limitations may cause your videos to pause.
You can’t transfer several files at one time, additional files will be queued later.

Method 2.TiVo to PC Converter for Mac-With easy operation and stable characteristic

Firstly, Run this Mac Tivo converter and click “Option” button to switch to “Options” window. Click on “Tivo” tab and enter the Media Access Key.

Launch the program and load the TiVo files correctly with ‘Add files’ or ‘Add from folder, just choose one you want. Then, get the compatible video format for PC or TV, such like ‘H.264 MP4 (*.mp4), or ‘Apple TV M4V’, etc. So many formats are showed on ‘Format’ list. 

What’s more, in order to adjust the PC screen size or frame rate, we can also get into the ‘Settings’ item for further editing with output videos. As the picture showed below:

Finally, ‘Convert’ to start your conversion and you can watch them both on PC and TV. If you have compared the two methods above, TiVo to PC Converter for Mac is no doubt the winner! Cause it has the concise interface and convenient operation with multiple video formats, it is indeed the best choice for us!

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