Thursday, April 25, 2013

Transcode/Import Nikon D4 MOV videos to iMovie for smoothly editing

Facing problems importing Nikon D4 MOV files into iMovie 11/09/08? Here you will find the fluid workflow for editing Nikon MOV footage with iMovie. 

Apple Intermediate Codec (AIC) would be the finest codec for iMovie editing, which truly can be a mov format. As we know, Nikon D4 record movies in MOV format, but these mov footage constantly in HD (1080p, 720p or 1080i ). And include diverse codec. These mov films can not be supported properly by iMovie. If you desire to edit Nikon D4 MOV recordings in iMovie, so as to get the top video good quality, you happen to be recommended to transcode MOV to AIC.AIC can be a video codec made to become an intermediate format in an HDV workflow.

There is a quick workaround for you to get iMovie ingest Nikon MOV files without any problems. By converting Nikon H.264 .mov to AIC encoded .mov files, the possible best quality will be retained in post-production workflow and you can then edit the resulting media files just as you would edit in QuickTime Movie format without rendering. The following guide tells you how to convert Nikon D4 MOV footage to AIC codec for use in your iMovie sequence.

Nikon h.264 MOV Converter is the best choice to help you transcode H.264 MOV to iMovie preferable AIC format fast. As a professional converter, Pavtube iMedia Converter for Mac is a recommendable Nikon H.264 MOV converter for iMovie to help you which is an all-in-one converter for dealing with your Blu-ray, DVD and Videos on Mac.

First free Download and install Pavtube iMedia Converter for Mac. This converter can help you transcode Nikon H.264 MOV video to iMovie, Final Cut Pro, FCE, etc.

1. Run this Nikon h.264 MOV to iMovie editor, import D4 h.264 MOV videos you want to transcode.

2. Click format bar to choose the format for output. For editing Nikon D4 H.264 MOV in iMovie on Mac, you can choose iMovie and Final Cut Express -> Apple InterMediate Codec (AIC)(*.mov), it's best for iMovie editing. If you want to customize it, you can click settings to use the parameters you want. And you can find the video editor button on the Column, it will help you on frame-by-frame trimming if you need.

3. Click "Converter" to start optimizing your D4 h.264 MOV to iMovie friendly format.

After a shot waiting, you can click "open" button to find the output files and import your D4 H.264 MOV into iMovie without optimizing process.

This Nikon h.264 MOV to iMovie converter can help you convert almost all the H.264 MOV videos from Nikon cameras. For instance, you can convert Nikon D3100 to iMovie, convert Nikon D7000 to iMoive, convert Nikon D300S/D90/D3200/D5100 to iMovie, etc. If you like, it will also help you convert Nikon H.264 Mov to FCP, AVID, Premiere format for editing. It's a compressive Nikon h.264 Video Converter.

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