Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Can I Watch AVI Xvid, Divx Movie on New Kindle Fire?

How to natively watch AVI Xvid, Divx movies on Amazon new Kindle Fire tablet? Let’s join to this topic in following paper.

Follow the steps of new Kindle Fire HD X tablet.
Do you still watch movies on PC or your smart phone? Come on, the latest tablet Amazon Kindle Fire HD X is the really cool stuff to enjoy your favorite movies. However, if you’ve taken a glance on the supported media types of the Amazon Tablets, it’s easy to find that the Kindle Fire HDX video format (MP4, M4V, VP8(.webm) video formats is supported) is limited as other tablets like Nook HD Tablet. For now, you may know why we usually cannot smoothly play AVI movies on Kindle Fire tablet.

What we can do to play AVI Xvid or Divx movie on new Kindle Fire?

Cause AVI is a container format which can include different codecs. Some of the codecs may not compatible with Kindle Fire HD X so we here strongly need an assistant which could natively convert AVI to MP4 a nice playback. With a good reputation on the internet, Pavtube’s Video Converter for Windows(or Mac version) can completely handle this job well.

Could you give more details on the step-by-step conversion?
Install and launch the best AVI to Kindle Fire HDX Converter, and then click “Add Video” or “Add from folder” or just drag and drop to import your source AVI materials. Then click the format bar to select Android > Amazon Kindle Fire HD (*.mp4) as output format for your 7-inch or 8.9-inch Fire HDX tablet.

Most folks are looking forward to the best format setting for Kindle Fire HDX. The supported resolution of the Kindle Fire HDX goes up to 1080p, though video playback and most apps never break out of 720p. For watching videos on the Android based Tablet, 720p video size with 1500~2000kbps bitrate is just all right. You can customize the parameters via clicking the Settings icon on the main interface.

Once the process completes, locate the files and transfer and copy the converted MP4 videos to your Kindle Fire HDX tablet. In this way, you can effortlessly watch all AVI video files on Kindle Fire HDX 7 or 8.9 tablet. 

Finally, click the 'Convert' button on the main interface and start your conversion job! Not only for Kindle Fire HD tablet, other devices or media players are also avaiable.


Monday, November 24, 2014

Top 6 Best Video Converter for Mac Reviewed

Here I found a review of top 6 best video converters for Mac that can help you convert video format from one to another.

Digital video file conversion is a crucial component of many a filmmaker's workflow these days. Since footage can be taken from so many different cameras, using specific formats, they often have to be altered into something that their editing package will accept. The following paper told us 6 main popular video converters especially for Mac.

These six apps are Apple's own Compressor, the venerable Squared5's MPEG Streamclip, HandBrake, Systemic's Smart Converter and Elgato's Turbo.264 HD. Several ways we can take a close look at these guys.

Comparison One: Ease of use

The programs we've tested that are available through the Mac App Store have the easiest interfaces. Surely a testament to Apple's design leadership?
Although, interestingly enough, Apple's own Compressor is actually the most complex one - but that's because it also offers the most options.
The two packages available as web downloads - MPEG Streamclip and HandBrake - are also feature-rich and, as a consequence, end up looking a little complicated to the uninitiated. But they both try hard to simplify the available options by offering presets (for HandBrake) and extensive menus (for MPEG Streamclip). Try as they might, they can't beat the simplicity of just dragging a file and clicking on 'Start'.

Comparison Two: Available options
Not surprisingly, the simplest programs are the ones who offer the fewest options. Take Smart- Converter for instance: aside from the row of icons at the bottom, you have no customisation features available to you.
Video Converter looks simple, but you can modify each preset. You can also crop your footage, trim it and apply simple effects to your clip - although this may be that program's least-used feature as you'd most likely be applying effects with your video-editing package.
Turbo.264 HD's option may appear limited, but select the Edit command and you'll be graced with numerous options, even embedding subtitles to your converted file (as long as they were present in the original).
HandBrake is incredibly flexible: you have access to either basic parameters to improve the quality or speed up the conversion, preserve chapter markers or subtitles, but if this isn't enough, there's also an Advanced tab.

Comparison Three: Encoding speed
For our tests, we've used a 34-minute Flash video and transformed it into a file that can be played back on an iPad. We've chosen the standard settings when available, then used each converter in turn on the same hardware (a 2.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro with 4GB or RAM) to see which one came out on top.
Some apps have a system so when a file is finished, it'll start another.Turbo.264 HD and Video Converter allow you to do this prior to the start of a conversion, but HandBrake and Compressor let you add, reorder and remove files as they're encoding.
The fastest was Smart Converter at just over a minute, but that's because it was clever enough to recognise that the embedded content within the Flash file was already formatted as H.264, which is compatible with the iPad, so it simply updated the audio and it was good to go. None of the others figured this out.

Comparison Four: Output quality
In order to test this fairly, we've had SmartConverter process a different type of file since it cleverly avoided altering the video in the previous test. In this test, we did our best to compare the original with its copy and see if we could discern any imperfection.
The conversions made with MPEG Streamclip and Video Converter were quite blocky when having to render large sections of the same or similar colour. Smart Converter's results were disappointingly poor, which means that app may be best suited to turn H.264-based Flash videos into proper H.264 ones. HandBrake's encoding was outstanding and even bested others whose converted files were twice as large, which means that the program's compression algorithms are truly excellent.

Now you may know clearly about the several video converters above, however, what I here wanna introduce the Pavtube HD Video Converter for Mac for you guys, with a good reputation online, it is a new converting program that can handle all the video formats with easy operation, faster speed, higher output quality, etc. What’s more, you can free download and have a try by yourself.

So here which one would you like to choose as the best? With the best reputation on the internet, Pavtube HD Video Converter would be your loyal asssistant to handle all the videos well!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Nicely Import AVI DV/Motion JPEG/Xvid/DivX to FCP X/7

This guide below offered us some details on how to nicely import AVI DV/Motion JPEG/Xvid/DivX to FCP X/7 for furthing dispose.

Is it true that AVI recordings can be accepted by Final Cut Pro? Though the Final Cut Pro official studio has announced it can work well with AVI files, as a professional editor, we should know there are still some importing issues or errors we will meet below:

Some common issues appeared frequently when importing AVI files to FCP:
  • With no video? Something like ‘Unrendered’ appeared on screed. It was said there was no matching codec.
  • Sometimes AVI files will be grayed out and cannot be imported to FCP X
  • When importing Blackmagic AVI files to FCP, it nly gets audio in its full length, but video is all blank.
  • Some camera studios recorded AVI videos refuse to import to Final Cut Pro directly.
  • Get file error, denied 0 recognized, unknown messages when I try to import AVI to Final Cut Pro

How to make AVI compatible with FCP X/7?
Although we said AVI could be accepted by the latest version FCP X/7, however, with different codec, they still can’t be compatible with some editing tools. Surely, it would be better if there is a stable tool can handle this job well, right? Pavtube AVI to FP Video Converter for Mac is especially designed for this! With a fast conversion speed and concise operation, it can meet all your requirements.

Download and install it from the official website, two items you can ask for help as assistants. ‘Add video’ and ‘Add from folder’. Or drag your files directly in is not a bad idea. On the other hand, especially for FCP X/7, we here get the ‘Final Cur Pro’>>’Apple ProRes Codec 422(*.mov) as the best one. 

Additionally, a mess of files you wanna work with at the same time? I have to mention the ‘Merge into one file’ button to you. It is a nice choice to make all your video clips combine together.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Solutions to Converting AVCHD (.mts) with Incomplete Private Folder Structure

Some common issues you may meet when converting AVCHD MTS files with incomplete private folder structure, right? Here we go.

With the specificity of MTS folder structure, we are usually confused with the problems of losing audio tracks, incomplete image clips, etc when we converting or importing our original MTS clips into editing tools. So you have moved or renamed the .mts files from the PRIVATE folder and you can no longer Log and Transfer in Final Cut Pro.  Simply importing the files doesn't seem to work either. You continue to get the following error messages.

Don't worry. You can still edit these video files but you will need to convert them to a format that Final Cut Pro can read. You can use Adobe Media Encoder to do this.  Adobe Media Encoder is installed on all Digital Media Labs (CMA 4.100) computers. Follow the steps below to use Adobe Media Encoder to convert .mts files into QuickTime movies that Final Cut Pro can edit:

Launch Adobe Media Encoder .Then drag and drop your .mts  video files into the Que window.

Click on the Triangle button under Format to pull up the drop down menu of formats. Choose Quicktime/

Click on the Triangle Button under Preset to pull up the drop down menu of presets. Choose HD 720p 24, H.264, ACC, 48kHz.

Once all files have been imported and you have applied all the settings click on the  Green play button. This will start converting all the files in the QUE.  You can change the destination of the files under Output File.

Adobe Media Encoder will begin to convert all of the files in the Que.

Don’t you feel the solutions we mentioned above a bit complex? On the other hand, we here also have the solution 2. You can free download the Pavtube MTS/M2TS Converter for Win/Mac, with a try by yourself, no worries about the incomplete structure anymore. Due to the complete folder imported for a first step, easy operation, faster conversion speed or even the various output items, it is popular among most video editors.


Friday, November 14, 2014

Fixing Problems with VLC When Playing 4K Videos

Let’s learn from the following article why VLC media player can’t play 4K/Ultra HD videos natively and how to solve the question. For the purpose of working VLC media player well, firstly, let me show you an example which is the main video format that can’t be accepted. As the example showed us:

‘I downloaded a 4K MPG video off YouTube with many video downloaders from I got from Firefox, every single program I tried will download the video like it suppose to, but when I play 4K video with VLC... there's no audio. I'm wondering if anyone else has this same problem and what’s the really workable solution to play 4K video in VLC?’

Hot Search: 4K to DNxHD MOV | Play 4K on TV | 4K XAVC to HDTV

For the VLC media player itself, sometimes there will be some stutters, not showing audios, etc issues. Well, don’t let it be your playback hurdle, here I would like to share some effective experience for you.

By the way, I have to admit that Media Player Classic is one of the methods which also has the capacity of making 4K videos possible on VLC media player. While on the other hand, it can be installed on Windows only. For Mac users, it won't work at all. You can have a try.

But if you got the Pavtube 4K to VLC Video Converter for Windows/Mac, both for Windows or Mac version, it can handle well. Let’ see how it work?

Download the program from the website, load your original 4K source in with ‘Add video’ directly drag files in is available. Next, on ‘Common Video’ list, you will get the ‘H.264 Video (*.mp4)’ as the best for VLC media player.

Any ways can compress 4K videos?
Surely in the ‘Settings’ button, you can adjust video and audio settings, including codec, bitrates, frame rate, sample rate, and audio channel. To down scale 4K to 1080p, do remember adjusting video size to 1920*1080. 

Especially for the latest Windows 10 and Mac OS X 10.10(Yosemite), it can work so well. After you get your preparation work done, don’t forget to click the ‘Convert’ button to start your conversion. Then just load them to VLC for a nice enjoyment on PC. Let’s do it!


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Make Sony PXW-X500 Footage Work Well with Kdenlive

As a professional photographer, you must wanna know how to smoothly make Sony PXW-X500 files work well with Kdenlive.

No matter you are a professional or amateurish shutterbug, you may have a dream of owning a nice camera that can record everything you see and experience. For the latest high-end camcorder--- Sony PXW-X500 was released not long ago. This kind of powerful camcorder is equipped with three 2/3-inch type Full HD CCD sensors, which can help users to record low noise and high sensitivity videos. 

While as we received this program and took some recordings, we were asked to stop because of the output XAVC files, which are not so suitable for almost all popular editing tools, also Kdenlive is included. Unfortunately, there is no effective third-party apps can do this well so what we need here is a professional XAVC to Kdenlive Converter for Mac

Kdenlive, as a free open-source video editor for Mac OS X, it is an intuitive and powerful multi-track video editor. So we especially here recommend you the Mac Version for you, surely you can get the Windows version here. Do you know how does it work? You will be surprised with its easy operation and concise design.

When you free download the Mac XAVC Video Converter, if you have already store your files on your computer you can directly drag them in your program or ‘Add Video’ and ‘Add from folder’ can do you a big favor. Next, what we should choose as the best output? Here we go: ‘HD Video’>>’H.264 HD Video (*.mov) as the following screenshot showed.

Additionally, ‘Settings’ for additional design on output videos if you like. Codec h.264, Size, Bitrates or Frame Rate. In Audio list, you can also change your channels, Mono, stereo or 5.1 channels.

Make all your preparation work done? If you guys got any other questions or useful tips, please leave us below as comments. Or you can take the following related guides as reference.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Convert and Play 1080p HD Videos on Newest Operation Windows 10

Have you ungraded to the latest Windows 10? So what do you feel about watching 1080p HD videos? Let’s together read the paper here!

Isn’t it a big surprise that Windows 10 has been released not long ago for those Windows fans? How do you feel about the Windows 10 strong capacity if you already upgraded. For newer experience and best high definition enjoyment, you must not be disappointed with this one. At the same time, Windows 10 also has the domes, such as not still be compatible with some HD video formats.

As usual, although some fans have got the latest operation, they meet some trouble of playing 1080p HD videos on Windows 10 which encoded as MTS, MKV, MXF, etc. To solve all the trouble above, we recommend you a 1080p HD Video Converter here to make your videos suitable for the operation on Windows.

Tip: Expires on Nov 10th, if you get in on this Discount Promotion Page, you will receive a big surprise!

Easy operations of this conversion you can take the reference here, download the program with right instructions and load your files with ‘Add video’ or ‘Add from folder’. How can we choose formats with original video quality? On the output list, ‘HD Video>>H.264 HD Video (*mp4)’ should be your best choice.

To suit for the screen and also own the high definition, we should adjust our videos in ‘Settings’ button. It’s so necessary to set the ‘video size’ as 1920*1080. More requirements of audio, on the right items, you can get more. 

Finally, tap the item ‘Convert’ to get your work started. If you need other programs, why not go to the ‘Halloween Topic page for a further exploration? More guides you can also read below:

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Again Celebration of Halloween Converters Promotion by Pavtube Studio!

This paper mainly tells us the introduction of several popular video converters on Pavtube studio which also has the Halloween discount!

Searched online, you guys may know so many popular videos converters that can especially meet most photographers or video editor’s requirements. With different functions or prices, it is hesitating for us to make some decisions, right? Follow the 2014 Halloween which past only several days, here we introduce some Pavtube Video Converters with special Halloween discounts. More details on 
Halloween Topic Page?

Pavtube MTS/M2TS Converter for Windows/Mac, especially for converting MTS/M2TS/M2T/TS/AVCHD/MOD/TOD footage to almost all video formats. What’s more, so many popular editing tools or media devices you can find listed on output items in this program. What else we also call it as a simple editor because you can adjust your files in ‘Editor’, like trim, crop, subtitles, etc. Let’s just make our MTS/M2TS compatible with everything.

Pavtube Video Converter for Windows/Mac, which is a functional assistant that can handle almost all HD/SD audio/video formats. For another way, it’s the best one for Tivo/DVR recordings. So other items you can have a try on main interface such as ‘Settings’, ‘Editor’, ‘Merge into one’, etc. All Windows operation it can work well. Also, GPU acceleration technology is available. For example,  iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note Edge, Nexus 6, Nexus 9, Kindle Fire HDX, Surface Pro 3, etc are offered there.

Pavtube HD Video Converter for Windows/Mac, the biggest highlight this one can handle HD digital camcorder footages such as AVCHD (MTS, M2TS), MXF, MOV, etc. Others? Deinterlace to get the better video, advanced adjustments for some professional video editors, wide range of outputs and supported devices, etc.

Pavtube MXF Converter for Windows/Mac, especially designed for MXF footages which shot by MXF cameras. For example, it can convert MXF files for free playback on iDevices, Android devices and media players. Furthermore, MXF files batch conversion can be also supported. Is that cool?

Pavtube MXF MultiMixer/iMixMXF, do you know the biggest characteristic of this program? Keep multiple audio tracks/channels in multi-track MKV/MP4/MOV formats, surely with rich editing functions. On the output list, you can find the item ‘Multi-track Video’ that other products don’t have. Others for example, batch conversion, merging and splitting. 
For Blu-ray or DVD rippers, you can also see here. Pavtube DVDAid for Windows/Mac or BDMagic for Windows/Mac. I’m sure it can meet your needs such as ‘Copy’ files, rip DVDs or Blu-rays, etc.

Whatever video formats shot by cameras you wanna edit for a nice enjoyment or upload on websites, the programs we mentioned above can do you a big favor. For now, I have to mention here is to celebrate the 2014 Halloween, such a big discount on this paper! 50% OFF on all BD/DVD or Video tools! Only 5 days left! What are you waiting for?

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Upload Footage to YouTube and Vimeo from GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition

This paper below can tell you how to upload videos from GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition to YouTube and Vimeo.

Hey, guys! How did you celebrate the 2014 Halloween several days ago? According to traditional activity ‘Trick or Treat’, have you got yourself played and made some tricks on others at the Halloween night? Some people told me they have shot some funny videos during the Halloween days and uploaded them on YouTube and Vimeo for watching.

However, it’s a pity that someone reflected that they can’t freely upload their Halloween videos on website because of the compatible formats. For example, when you got the footages from Vimeo from GoPro Hero3, you must be failed in uploading to YouTube or Vimeo---which two video websites that is popular among our audience. Maybe here we need the GoPro Hero3+ Video Converter for Windows/Mac as an assistant.

It is not necessary to cost you a lot of time but can indeed solve a lot of trouble for you. Why not here to see the main steps together? From the official website you can free download it to have a try. When you open the program, just click the ‘Add Video’ or ‘Add from folder’ to load your files in. Different output choices for YouTube and Vimeo. Firstly for YoutTube:

Secondly for Vimeo, take the steps showed in following screenshot:

Surely, you can now back to the main interface to click the ‘Convert’ to get your work started or you may get some advanced settings in ‘Settings’ button. Adjust your video size, bitrates, or frame rates.

Surprise! Expires on November 10, you are all so lucky to get the big promotion on Halloween Topic page to take part in the ‘Buy one Get one Free’! With only one offer, you can get the GoPro Hero3+ Video Converter and another for free. Just come here to enjoy yourself.


Saturday, November 1, 2014

Batch Convert Multiple H.264 Videos to Apple ProRes for Editing on Mac

Looking for the effective way of converting multiple H.264 videos to Apple ProRes for editing on Mac? Here we go.

Recently, from the website or forums, we have found that there are some friends reflected they were confused with all the multiple H.264 video clips. Though as we all know that H.264 videos could bring us the high quality enjoyment, with the trouble of the big quantity, it is still hard for us to edit on Mac, such with Final Cut Pro.

‘Hello there, I’m now professionally working for some customers who cannot edit their recordings. Sometimes, it costs me a lot of time to edit the batch multiple H.264 Videos, I’m using the Final Cut Pro 7, so I’m now looking for a converter that can work all the video clips together in one single file’

Does that mean you need a H.264 to Apple ProRes Converter that can hold the videos in batch, also be available with FCP? Pavtube HD Video Converter for Mac may be your best choice. Merge your file clips into one? With the specific items for FCP? It can do this job well.

Several concise steps you only need to do, just follow my steps. When you install the program according to the options, open the main interface to let your clips in. ‘Add video’ or ‘Add from folder’, you may ask them for a help. Then drop the ‘Format’ list down, easily you can find the ‘Final Cut Pro’>>’Apple ProRes Codec 422’

Tips: Several kinds of Apple codec you may find here, choose one you think the best.

If you back to the main interface, you will find the ‘Settings’ or the ‘Editor’ items, why not get there to adjust your files only with your personal style? 

Big News here! Have you heard the ‘Buy one Get one Free’? Expires on November10, 2014, Pavtube Studio has held the promotion discount especially for Halloween. You can also get another DVD Creator for free if you bought the product we mentioned above, on Halloween Topic Page you may find more.

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