Friday, September 19, 2014

Kids’ Favorite Top 15 YouTube 3D Videos

Our paper listed out the top 15 YouTube 3D videos below also with a 3d video converter. Parents can take this as a reference.
Are you parents or have kids yet? With the rise in the popularity of 3D movies, it seems that more and more 3D movies have appeared on YouTube , almost all kids are fond of watching them. Today here, let’s look at the 15 top YouTube 3D videos and additionally with best 3D video converter to make kids interested in.

Top1. Roller Coaster Simulation
It’s a fun roller coaster ride done by computer-generated images to make YouTube 3D videos perfect for both kids and kids at heart.

Top2.3Digital Vision Demo Reel

This program mainly includes some skateboarding action clips in a cool skate park, many teenage who love skateboarding play there.

Top3.OK Go-White Knuckles music video
OK Go’s videos are always loved by a lot of kids with features stacking of cups which always seems to defy dogs. It is always the one of best 3D videos.

Top4. Giant bird in flight
It is told about a huge turkey vulture with huge wings flap as it lands just over the heads of the spectators. Animals lovers have fun in this animal 3D videos.

Top5.Fun at Sea in 3D-Greece
This YouTube 3D video can take your family with a trip to Europe. It is about the everything in sea with a 3D version.

Top 6. Relaxing Magic Forest Video in 3D and HD
Just relax after the frequently changes of view, this kind of 3D video can give you a comfortable feeling of enjoying the gorgeous scenery along with good music.

Top7. ESPN -three minutes of exciting college football action
This short 3D movie is great for kids because of all of the action and thrill. It’s a cut of the first 3D broadcast ESPN ran.

Top8. Mosquito Highway
It’s a funny movie made at home, it tells the story about a guy who know what’s what but bugs got their way in the end.

Top9. Marine World Preview
This 3D video introduces everyone to the aquarium in Fukuoka, Japan. A wide variety of colorful fish and sea animals will delight and enchant.

Top10. Animated 3D Demo
This 3D animation movie is sure to captivate. This 3D animal movie is a marvelous look at what computer animation is capable of.

Top11. 3D Horsesr
A nice horse race with 3D effects! Most kids won’t be disappointed with horses in the paddock and competing in dressage

Top12. Red Crabs IMAX trailer
Do you like red crabs? This movie tells the story of the crabs, and this video is the 3D trailer for the film. They come up from the beach, cross the road, and head off to spawn.

Top13. IMAX 3D Sun Trailer
Another cool space video in 3D, this trailer for an IMAX film about the sun will keep your kids entranced, especially watching the Northern lights dance in 3D.

Top14. Jay Jay’s Dance Off 3D
This is a video for those people who love hip hop and street dancing. In some ways, the dancing just can’t be beat and in 3D no less.

Top15. NASA 360 Presents Desert RAT

How much do you know about NASA? You have dreams of becoming an astronaut one day? Let’s watch this 3D videos together.

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