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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Work MKV, VOB, M2TS, WMV with After Effects CC on Windows 8.1/Mavericks

This article here can introduce you some details on how to import MKV, VOB, M2TS and WMV in After Effects CC on Windows 8.1 or Mavericks.

Not all videos can be accepted by After Effects CC?
When you tried your best to import your recordings to After Effects CC for a further editing, any error warnings appeared on the screen? Maybe some video formats can’t be loaded smoothly in this program, such as MKV, VOB, M2TS or WMV,etc. Have you guys ever met the trouble like this?

Any solutions you can put forward to solve such problems?
By the limitation of After Effects CC, any videos with incompatible codecs, is it an good idea if we can converting these videos as the suitable for further editing in AE CC? For MKV, VOB, M2TS or WMV, we here introduce the After Effects CC Video Converter for Windows/Mac to you. For more surprises, let me tell how does it work and make them friendly with AE. Just look the following list as the truth:

Multiple video sources supported
  • Output compatible formats for all popular devices
  • Change default settings by yourself
  • Make movie director come true

Details are allowed in this way:

Launch the program when you successfully download it, directly drag your files in or ‘Add videos’ in. Don’t know which is the best output format for After Effects CC? Here we go, on the format list, go to the ‘HD Video’>>’MPEG-2 HD Video (*.mpg)’to have a try.

How to edit our videos mentioned above?
Can you see the pencil icon ‘Editor’ on the main interface above? Open it, you can preview your video in the window, some editing items are list below the window. Such like ‘Trim’, decide your video length or pick out some useful clips you like, for ‘Crop’ to adjust the image size, just cut off the extra edges you unwanted. Do some explanations during the process? ‘Add subtitles’ may do you a favor, etc. Following picture can tell you more details.

Finally, select output place you need and click the ‘Convert’ icon for a start. So appreciate if you can leave some comments at the ending of the paper.

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