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Monday, June 13, 2016

How to Prepare 2016 UEFA Euro 4K Videos for Editing with Avid MC?

UEFA Euro 2016 is doomed to be the cradle of exciting games and legend and bring football lovers wonderful moments. As a football fan, you may try your best to download the updated UEFA Euro 2016 match videos from YouTube, choose a TiVo DVR and record world cup video by your camera or even record the game competition with a HD camcorder to save these heart-stirring UEFA Euro 2016 shocking moments. Well, this article aims to give you some aid how to import and edit 2016 UEFA Euro 4K video smoothly as you want.

Editing with Avid MC workflows that require a full 4K final exported movie will make your head spin. There are all sorts of things to consider, which include:

  • Storage Requirements for 4K media (working with proxy media) 
  • Computer Processing Power 
  • Bandwidth requirements (high speed disk arrays / solid state storage) 
  • Organizational Structure of Media 
  • Software Project Settings 

Please note, in order to work within a 4K project you You must have Avid Media Composer 8.3 or higher

Also, the new Avid DNxHR codec is for ingest/import only. For 4K export, I recommend using the Pro-Res Codec.

*If you are running Avid Media Composer on a PC, it get's a bit tricky sharing 4K media, because you cannot export back out using the Pro-Res codec.

If you are are on a PC, and it's an absolute must that you maintain the 4K frame size, you can try exporting your movie using the Pavtube HD Video Converter. This will create 4K movie file that's compatible with most other editing systems. The one major problem will be the amount of time it takes to export.

Suggest the useful Software: Pavtube HD Video Converter for Mac

  • Convert a variety of media HD/4K formats including AVI, H.265, WMV, MP4, MOV, FLV, MPEG, 3GP, VOB, Xvid to Avid Media Composer supported videos 
  • Convert 2016 UEFA Euro 4K Videos to FCP/iMovie, Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, FCE, After Effects CC, etc 
  • Compress 4K and convert 4K video to any 1080p/720p video for Avid Media Composer 
  • Creat 3D movies from both 2D or 3D resources with side by Side by Side, Red/Blue and Top/Bottom 3D effects. 
  • Batch conversion and super fast conversion speed 
  • Easy-to-use Avid Media Composer HD Video Converter with simple clear interface 
  • Regular updates provided for registered users without extra charge for lifetime 
  • Operating System: Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan, 10.10 Yosemite, OS X 10.9 Mavericks, OS X 10.8 
  • Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 10 

With this best 4K video converter, you can quickly and easily make your 2016 UEFA Euro 4K videos adjust with fast speed to Avid MC formats. Then you can edit them with Avid MC without any problems for sharing with your friends and families. Just read top 5 video converter review to learn more.


Other Download:

A Step-by-step Guide to Convert UEFA European Championship 4K files to Avid MC

Step 1: Add UEFA European Championship 4K files to the program.

Click "Add Video" button or "Add from folder" button to import the UEFA European Championship 4K files to the application.

Step 2: Select the right formats for editing in Avid MC. Here we suggest you to go to the “Avid Media Composer” list, you will get the “Avid DNxHD (*.mov)” as the best output.

Tips: Click “Settings” button to customize the output video and audio settings by yourself. But if you are not good at it, you’d better use the default parameters, they will ensure you a good balance between file size and image quality basically. You can change the resolution, bit rate, frame rate as you need.

Step 3: With all the preparations work done? Why not go back to the main interface to click the “Convert” button to get the work started? Once the conversion is finished, click “Open” to quickly find the converted files.

How to Import the Video files to Avid MC quickly?

1: Specify the Drive with the Media Creation Setting

Click on the Tools tab in the main menu on the top of your screen and choose Media Creation. Alternatively, you can pres Ctrl+5. This will open the Media Creation window, where you can choose the drive where you want to create the files which you are going to import. Click OK.

2: Go to Project Window

Click on the Format tab in your project window and under Project Type, select the quality you want for your imported files. The highest quality possible is 1080p/23.976. This will again depend whether you are importing a video, audio or HD file.

3: Highlight and Right Click Import Bin

When you are working in Media Composer, you will have the Import bin window just below the Clips window, on the left of the Source Viewer panel. Click on the Import Bin to highlight it, and then right click inside the Import Bin. Choose Import from the drop down menu.

4: Choose Location of Your Media File

The Import dialogue box will open and you can browse and select the file you want to import. There is a box at the bottom of the dialogue box named Video Drive/Audio Drive, where a particular drive is selected. Make sure that the drive appearing in this box is the same as you chose in Step 1. In the Video Resolution box, you can again choose a quality which you prefer for the imported file. You can ignore this if you are importing an audio file.

5: Choose Options in Import Settings

Click on the Options button in the Import dialogue box, and it will open a window for Import Settings. There are different tabs here, and you may click on each tab to specify all the particular settings you want. These settings cover various areas as to how your image is sized and to what channel it is played on. You can experiment with these settings to get your file just the way you want it. Once you have chosen your settings, click on OK.

6: Load Imported File

You will find your imported file in the Import bin, and it has also been created in the Manage Media Files location. You can load it into the Source Viewer by clicking on the file in the Import bin and dragging it into the monitor panel.

Then, Avid Media Composer will recognize, catalog, play and stream them just fine. Now you can edit UEFA European Championship 4K in Avid MC flawlessly.

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