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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Best Sony Video Editing Software: Media Magician

Sony camcorders and Sony cameras consistently rank among the best camcorder models available to consumers, achieving high marks for image quality, convenience and advanced features. Their superior performance ensures Canon's popularity, even as most smartphones include video recording options. Sony owners typically want the ability to edit, adjust and add special effects to their videos. There are a variety of Canon camcorder video editing software solutions, as well as online applications, that offer varying levels of performance and features.

One factor limiting the software or applications used to edit Sony camcorder videos is format: some models only record in like AVCHD formats, or among a limited selection of supported formats. Some Sony camcorders have poor performance in low-light situations, requiring adjustment in editing. Color accuracy may also need fixing with video editing software.

So here we talk about best Sony Video Editing Software for editing video like Sony Handycam, Sony A7 etc video for sharing, playing etc.

Best Sony Video Editing Software - Media Magician

Pavtube Media Magician is a nice Sony camcorder assistant manager, lossless camcorder video joiner, MTS/ M2TS/ MXF/ MOV/ MKV/ TiVo/ WMV/ AVI/ MPG converter and editor, and efficient camcorder video uploader for YouTube.

The smart camcorder wizard helps organize, backup and import camcorder videos including Sony, Canon, Panasonic, GoPro, DJI etc with ease. And timeline-oriented editing tools help accurately trim and cut clips frame by frame. Format presets provide you the easiest way to output the right format with the best recommended settings. The output task manager also helps create multiple tasks in different formats for Andoid/iOS/Windows tablets and phones like Galaxy Tab/ Amazon Kindle Fire HD/ iPad/ AppleTV/ Microsoft Windows Surface RT, editing software such as Adobe Premiere/ Sony Vegas/ Cyberlink PowerDirector, or upload to YouTube at the same time. It's a useful and easy tool helping you make better use of either camcorder videos, but also common videos. (Read review)

Free download this easy-to-use Sony Video Editing Software for Windows

Free download this easy-to-use Sony Video Editing Software for Mac

How to Edit Sony Videos with Media Magician easily?

Step 1: Load video files

A: Import Video from PC Hard Drive

To import video files from hard drive to Media Magician, proceed as either way follows:
a. Drag and drop source files to source area directly
b. Click folder button to choose import media files, or import the whole folder.

B: Import Source files from Camcorder

Before importing the video files from camcorder to the program, you should connect the camcorder to computer. If you have used the camcorder to record content on a SD memory card, please insert the card in the camcorder first. Start Pavtube Media Magician, then you will get a popup window asking for the connect confirmation. Just click “Yes” to continue.You will be taken to the follow window, all the files on the camera will be checked, and if you click Start it will import all the files into Media Magician library. You can uncheck the files you do not want to import. Preview it in player on your right hand side. While you check Backup Files to Local at the same time, Media Magician will help you capture/copy camera videos to your computer.

Step 2: Edit Video files

Drag and drop the video files to Timeline, then you can manage it into movie. This function makes splitting movies, merging video clips, trim video clips at just the right moment easy. Now enhanced with frame accurate seeking, you can split/cut movies at a very precise point. To learn the function of each icon.

edit video

Step 3: Choose format to output

Switch to Output window, you will find task area and profile area. Click + to add a task before choose a profile. Media Magician comes up with massive output formats (AVI, WMV, MKV, MPG, H.264, TS, MOV, MP4, etc). Here we take MP4 as a instance, just follow “Common Format” and choose “MPEG-4”. There is also a lossless output. But this output only adapt to MTS, M2TS, TOD, MOD formats. And any video effect will be ignored when output lossless.

MP4 format

To limit the size of output file, you can set video bitrate down to desired value. Basically, the smaller bitrate you set, the smaller output file size it would be. But keep in mind there is noticeable quality degradation when you set any bitrate lower than 1500kbps.

Step 4: Start conversion

The software will specify a default folder to save converted videos. If you’d like to change the output location, please click to navigate to the folder you want to save videos to. After specifying all the settings, you can click  to start the conversion.

So a powerful Sony video editor & converter, why not have a try?

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