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Make Sony HDR-PJ780 1080 50/60p AVCHD Editable in iMovie and FCE

Summary: To import 50/60p AVCHD mts video clips from Sony PJ780 to iMovie/FCE, you just need to get a top Sony MTS Converter to help you to convert AVCHD to most compatible video format (AIC MOV) with Mac iMovie and FCE

Sony PJ780 Reviews: 

Balanced Optical SteadyShot paired with current video technology at the height of the time could be the Sony HDR-PJ780 quickly becomes the darling ambitious videographers.Sony would have unlocked a second time, the full manual control and the image characteristics of the camera.Conversely, those who anyway only in automatic mode at the PJ780 films should have a lot of fun.One can in many cases save a tripod and maybe there are here and there even a suitable use for the built-in projector.

  • Image Stabilizer 
  • Wide Angle 

  • Image characteristics can not be changed 
  • Few image control options 
  • Small (touch) screen 

Sony HDR-PJ780 can films full HD 1080 video recording at 50/60, 25 and 24 fps in AVCHD format, also supports 720p MPEG-2 format. It is an excellent camera for us to record vivid videos, especially the AVCHD format can deliver stunning picture quality, unfortunately, iMovie/FCE doesn't support 50/60p from your camera Sony PJ780.

As we know, iMovie and FCE favorable video format is Apple Intermediate Code(AIC). The best and quick solution is to transcode Sony PJ780 50/60p AVCHD to AIC with iMovie/FCE best supported codec and format AIC .mov. Then you can handle your Sony PJ780 AVCHD in iMovie/FCE effortlessly.

Here we recommend you to choose a top MTS to AIC Converter for mac to transfer Sony PJ780 MTS recordings for iMovie 9 or FCE 4 editing. With this Mac AVCHD Converter, you not only can easily transcode Sony PJ780 1080 50/60p AVCHD clips to MOV files with AIC codec for your iMovie/FCE with the preset profiles, but also can combine several clips into one for easy importing/editing into iMovie and FCE.

As for how to convert Sony PJ780 50/60p AVCHD to iMovie or Final Cut Express, you can follow the bellow steps.

Step 1: Load MTS files.

Connect Sony HDR-PJ780  to your Mac via USB 2.0, or insert your SD Card to Mac. You can browse the .mts files from AVCHD > BDMV > STREAM. And then insall and luanch the best Mac Sony MTS to AIC Converter. Click the “File” or the related label to add the .mts files from your Camcorder.

Tips: If you want to merge multiple 1080 50/60p MTS clips into one, please tick “Merge into one file” box to merge the files into one single file.

Step 2: Choose output format.

Click on the “Format” and move you pointer to “iMovie and Final Cut Express” on the dropdown menu, choose it for natively editing Sony MTS files in iMovie and FCE.

Step 3: Set the best video profile for FCE/iMovie editing Sony HDR- PJ780 MTS files.

Click the “Settings” icon and you will be led to the “Profile Settings”, on which page you can customize the codec, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate and audio channel according to your needs and optimize the output file quality.


1. 30 fps, and video size as 1920*1080 are recommended parameters to keep the best quality for editing MTS footages in Final Cut Express or iMovie.

2. If you want to have a smaller file size but keep the good quality, you can change the video size to 1440*1080.

Step 4: Convert Sony PJ780 50/60pMTS to AIC MOV. 

Click the “Convert” button, it will start the fast transcoding Sony HDR- PJ780 50/60p MTS to ProRes for FCE/iMovie on Mac. You can get the estimated time and video size in the “Conversion” interface.

After Sony MTS to AIC conversion, you will be able to get the output files for FCE/iMovie by clicking on “Open” button. Now you can import and edit Sony HDR-PJ780 1080 50/60p MTS in FCE or iMovie easily and effortlessly.

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