Thursday, January 15, 2015

Easiest Way to Import H.265 to Windows Movie Maker

The following page aims to offer you a best H.265 encoder/decoder to help you out of the trouble in importing H.265 videos to Windows Movie Maker for editing. What are you waiting for?

Stopped when working with your H.265/HEVC videos? Don’t worry! This article is written for you to especially introduce you a best H.265 encoder/decoder to handle your H.265 movies well in editing software or media devices. In fact, this article has been divided into several parts, let’s read one by one below.

Part 1. Definition and Advantage of H.265/HEVC codec:
H.265 or High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) is a new video codec technology. It is a video compression standard that is the successor to H.264 or MPEG-4 AVC (Advanced Video Coding), one of the compression schemes used by Blu-ray. Compared to H.264 codec, H.265 has the biggest highlight: higher quality and smaller size

Part 2. H.265/HEVC has not accepted by most popular NELs and media devices
H.265/HEVC codec, as the latest codec released out not long ago in the video codec area. Most NELs such as Avid MCSony Vegas, etc have not yet offered the technology to decode the H.265 for editing. May be some third-party tools can help you in this way. For example: Cinemartin Cinec H.265 Exporter

Part 3. Pavtube Video Converter---Easiest way to import H.265 videos smoothly to Windows Movie Maker. 
Since we have no capacity to make the NELs or media devices accept the H.265 videos, why not do some changes with the H.265 codec itself? How about convert H.265 to WMV, which we know could be the suitable one for Windows Movie Maker? Do you wanna get closer to this H.265 encoder/decoder?

Part 4. Guide on how to convert H.265 to WMV for nice editing in Windows Movie Maker:
Step 1. When you download and install this H.265 encoder/decoder on PC, launch it and the main interface will pops up in front of your eyesight. Could you see the ‘File’ icon on the left corner? Just click it and you can choose the way to load your files.

Step 2.Select right output WMV for Windows Movie Maker. Next, follow my steps to get into the output list. In order to find the right item, of course you can tap it in the searching box or drop down the list, ‘HD Video>>’WMV HD (*.wmv)’ is offered for you.

Step 3. Optional function you should not miss. There are several attractive functional items you may be interested in for those advanced users. For example, the ‘Edit’ button, we could adjust out output videos with the favorite effect. Decide the video length, drop off the video edges? Do you all wanna a try?

Conversion: Finally, go back to the main interface to make your conversion start with the big red button ‘Convert’. Any suggestions or questions about your H.265 codec you can leave as comments below. So now, are you still worrying about importing H.265 recordings to Windows Movie Maker on PC? 

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